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Thinking back of the year passed, it's had its ups and downs, to help to ease "the downs" "the ups" have been absolutely amazing, I have to say..

A big thank you to everyone who's been a part of making it such a fantastic year!!

- Calzeat The X-factor; 2xBIS-puppy, BIS-4 puppy
- Calzeat Deal Or No Deal; BOB and Group-1 puppy 
- Calzeat Dragons' Den; BOB-puppy 
- Calzeat Downton Abbey; BIS-2 baby puppy

- Calzeat Keeping Up Appearances; CC (Sweden), Rcc Swedish Clubshow, 3 Rcc's, 2xBIS Intermediate dog (Norway)
- EEJV-12 FIUCH Calzeat The Blackadder; in Finland: 2CC's, 3Rcc's, in Sweden: 1Rcc
- GBSHCH Calzeat Causa Commotion At Flatcharm; got his 14th RCC 
- GBSHCH Calzeat Cwite A Catch At Flatcharm; 3CC's and 3xBOB

- SEU(u)CH NOUCH FIV-12 SEV-13 Castlerock Simply Magic; 4xBIS, 2xGroup-1, BIS and BIS progeny Swedish Clubshow
- SEU(u)CH NOUCH FIUCH GBSHCH NOV-12 FIV-12 FIVV-12 SEV-12 SEV-13 Toffedreams Seven From Heaven; BOB Group-3, BIS-veteran SSRK, Best bitch and BOS, BOB-veteran and BIS-veteran Swedish Winnershow Stockholm INT

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